Q: How does Fast Track Capture’s approach differ from typical capture management?

A: Our focus is on facilitation, not management. We collaborate closely with your team, guiding sessions to extract intelligence. From those insights, we formulate a tailored strategy for your proposal writers.

Q: I’m feeling overwhelmed in the capture process. How can Fast Track Capture support me?

A: We’ve got you covered! Rooted in the principles of capture science, Fast Track Capture’s facilitated sessions are specially designed to pinpoint and address gaps in your strategy, ensuring clarity and direction. We offer assessments to gauge your current position, guide you in gathering the necessary information, and are ready to resume our sessions when you’re set to move forward.

Q: What does Fast Track Capture require from our team during the process?

A: Fast Track Capture leans on your team to supply the essential details about the opportunity, ensuring our strategies are tailored and precise for your needs. Potential session participants could include a mix of the following resources: Operations Lead, Program or Project Manager, Technical and Management Subject Matter Experts, Sales Lead, Incumbent Personnel, Project Team, Subcontractors, Proposal Manager, and Volume Leads. Prior to initiating the Fast Track Capture™ process, we will conduct a readiness review and identify the resource requirements and availability.  

Q: How long does the Fast Track Capture process usually take?

A: The Fast Track Capture process typically spans two to four weeks and depends on the availability of participants and the complexity of the opportunity.

Q: What type of information does Fast Track Capture collect?

A: Fast Track Capture is designed to maximize and structure the intelligence a company already has regarding a bid. The success and depth of our process heavily rely on the quality of information you provide.  We focus on gathering information on customer stakeholders, program, solution, team composition, methodology, key personnel, past performance, and competition. From this information, we develop major win themes, discriminators, major points for each section, strengths, benefits, and proof points. The Capture Blueprint contains critical data from these sessions and is delivered to the Proposal Manager in preparation for writing assignments.

Q: Can Fast Track Capture provide Price to Win Strategies?

A: Not yet – but we are working on a Price to Win model that will be available in the coming months.